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About Us

Our Story

Glow Maternity Clothing is an online Australian-owned family business, located in Canberra, ACT. Our business was born in 2017 when I was pregnant and struggling to find maternity clothing that was fashionable, clothing to look and feel beautiful, comfortable, fresh. But I could not find it. We sense a gap in the market for pregnant women's fashion, especially for the working pregnant women. We believe fashionable style should be accessible to all.

In 2021 we proudly launched our online maternity shop. We source the best quality maternity clothes, our wares will make you feel beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable.

Our products are made in Colombia taking into consideration the best quality in textile, unique design for the woman that is warier of her fashion.

We import all our garments from Clio Ropa Materna who are well known and have a great reputation in the production of the maternity clothing industry in Colombia.

Our Mission

To enhance the natural glow in every pregnancy.

Glow Maternity Clothing will make you feel and look your very best; fashionable, fresh, and especially comfortable so that you enjoy this beautiful journey through your pregnancy and lactation.

We guarantee our quality, we provided above and beyond customer services. We see our customers as individuals and listen to their needs.

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